Chris Hayes Grills Ben Carson on Race: Is Racism Really ‘Contrived by Liberals?’


Dr. Ben Carson, who’s well-known for being a regular face on Fox News, made a surprise appearance on MSNBC Thursday night in a panel to take on racism with Chris Hayes, and Carson kept talking about judging people beyond what they look like, as Hayes and the panelists confronted him about the realities of what minorities face on a regular basis. In particular, Hayes squared in on a point in Carson’s book that appears to suggest racism is being “contrived by liberals to divide people.”

Carson told Hayes he doesn’t talk about race in America because he’s a neurosurgeon and just doesn’t care about the skin color of the person he’s operating on. He said harboring too strong an obsession with race means that people are allowing themselves to be defined by their race.

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Demos president Heather McGhee argued that in the real world, there are “vast disparities” that need to be addressed and the idea of a colorblind society is a “myth.” Carson insisted on the importance of not judging a person “superficially,” and admitted that race as an issue “doesn’t mean that much to me.” Hayes brought up an example of how African-Americans can be specifically targeted and exploited.

Telemundo anchor José Díaz-Balart said that it’s one thing for Carson to say people on the operating table should be treated equally, but once they leave the hospital and get back into the world, they aren’t treated equally.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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