Chris Hayes: Will Gay Donors Be Able To Effectively Fundraise For Obama Campaign Now?

No doubt about it, President Obama‘s public statement coming out in favor of gay marriage this week will most certainly have an impact on his reelection race. The question is how big an impact it will be and how much money is at play. Chris Hayes brought up this point on his MSNBC show today, and asked the panel if money from the gay and Hollywood lobbies will be enough to help Obama hit the same fundraising levels as Mitt Romney.

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Hayes admitted that every time he thinks about the political calculations behind which groups can most effectively fundraise for campaigns, “it depresses the hell out of me.” Author Linda Hirshman said that gay rights organizations don’t have as much money as the financial sector, Romney’s biggest contributor, and it will be hard for them to help keep up pace. Salon writer David Sirota pointed out that the goals of the gay lobbies and the financial lobbies are not diametrically opposed, and some corporations have even come out to publicly support gay marriage.

Hayes pointed out that Romney has a little problem in that a number of his corporate donors support gay marriage. He recalled New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who may not be very popular with liberals for his economic policies, but is considered a gay rights hero in some circles for how effectively he pushed for marriage equality in his state.

Watch the video below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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