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Rick Perry Blasts ‘Diversity’ Election of Gay Student Body President at Texas A&M

Robin Roberts Chokes Up After Segment on Gay Conversion Camps for Kids

People Are Very Surprised by George Takei’s Reaction to Gay Sulu News

Pope: Christians Must Seek Forgiveness for Mistreating the Gay Community

TV Panelist Storms Off Set During Orlando Segment: You’re ‘Deflecting’ the Homophobia!

Successful Christian Rocker Makes Confession: ‘I Am Gay’

TV Reporter Responds to Viewer Who Wrote ‘I Can’t Stand Your Gayness’

Catholic Priest Comes Out, Reveals Gay Boyfriend, Gets Fired by Vatican

KY Gay Man: I Used to Be Friends with Kim Davis; Don’t Recognize Her Now

Gay YouTuber Calls Westboro Baptist Church to Ask How to Get Into Heaven

Model Used in Anti-Gay Billboard Is Actually… Well, Take a Guess

‘I’m Sorry I Threaten You’: Gay Man’s Message to Attacker Goes Viral

Don Lemon, Guests Take on Whether White Gays Are ‘Stealing’ Black Female Culture

Russian Priest Condemns World Cup Cleats as ‘Homosexual Abomination’

Dem 2016 Hopeful Schweitzer: Cantor’s ‘Effeminate Mannerisms’ Set Off My Gaydar

More People Bothered by Atheist Pols Than Cheating Ones, Poll Finds

Dallas Host Explains Her Michael Sam Outrage: Airing Kiss Was Inappropriate, ‘Shocking’

Michael Sam Addresses Critics: ‘It’s Okay to Be Who You Are’

Weather Channel Apologizes for Snarky Tweet About Bullying

BBC Show Named Free Speech Limits Free Speech

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