Chris Wallace Presses Pence: Was There Any Contact Between Trump Associates and Russia?

Chris Wallace squared off with Vice President-elect Mike Pence today on the incoming president’s criticisms of the intel community and whether their campaign had any contact with Russian operatives.

Pence criticized the “salacious garbage” spreading around from an intel report on disinformation against Trump as Wallace asked him about Trump’s criticisms of the intelligence community on Twitter.

On the subject of sanctions, Pence simply said that Trump believes in fixing America’s “terrible relationship with Russia.”

Wallace brought up Michael Flynn‘s conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. and asked if there was any discussion then about sanctions, given how they spoke on the day President Obama ordered sanctions last month. Pence said their conversation was not “in any way related to new U.S. sanctions.”

Wallace followed up by asking, “Can you flatly deny––’cause this continues to be out there––that there were any contacts at any point during the campaign between Mr. Trump’s associates and Russian operatives… about the hacking of the Democrats during the election?”

Pence deferred twice before Wallace pressed him for a straight answer on this issue that the Senate Intelligence Committee will be exploring.

Pence said, “Of course not… This is all a distraction and it’s all part of a narrative to delegitimize the election and to question the legitimacy of this presidency.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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