comScore Chris Wallace Slams Jim Acosta: He Embarrassed Himself

Chris Wallace Tears Into CNN’s Jim Acosta Over ‘Shameful’ Clash With Trump: He ‘Embarrassed Himself’


Fox News’ Chris Wallace was not impressed with the sparring match between CNN’s Jim Acosta and President Donald Trump at the White House on Wednesday.

Wallace joined Harris Faulkner to give his reaction to Trump’s press conference on the midterm elections — though the conversation quickly focused on Trump’s shouting match with Acosta and other members of the media. Wallace called it an “extraordinary performance” on Trump’s part. But as for Acosta, “I thought [his] behavior was shameful.”

Faulkner leapt on that by swiping at Acosta for his refusal to let go of his microphone when a White House staffer tried to take it away from him. Wallace cycled through several of the most interesting other highlights from the presser, though the chat inevitably made its way back to Acosta.

“Most of the people there were serious reporters asking serious questions,” Wallace said, “But Jim Acosta, I thought embarrassed himself today.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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