Christie Emphatically Rejects Iran Hostage Deal, Says Biden Empowered Regime to ‘Export Terror’ and ‘Take More Americans’


Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie condemned President Joe Biden’s decision to release $6 billion in frozen Iranian assets in exchange for the release of five American hostages on Monday.

After CNN host Kaitlan Collins asked Christie whether he would have made the deal to release the hostages, Christie said:

I would not have made the deal, Kaitlan, no. The idea that Iran would use this money for only humanitarian efforts— let me tell you what humanitarian is in Iran, Kaitlan. That means they cut your hand off before they kill you. That’s humanitarian in Iran.

This is one of the most barbaric regimes in the world, they are the biggest exporter of terror in the world, and Joe Biden has given them now $6 billion to go and make mischief, more mischief, dangerous mischief around the world.

I wouldn’t have made this deal. As much as I would have liked those Americans to be home, you cannot give $6 billion to a terrorist state.

Pressed on how he would ensure the release of the prisoners without making such a deal, Christie argued, “You do the very best you can, you continue to work as hard as you can to get them returned home, but you don’t get them returned home to make matters worse.”

He claimed, “Americans are now more of a target for Iran than they were before because they took five this time, maybe they’ll take ten next time, and then they’ll be looking for $12 billion or $15 billion. This never ends. It’s a slippery slope that you slide down. As a leader, you have to say no to that type of thing.”

Christie said that while he “would not have had a problem exchanging five hostages for five hostages— for five prisoners,” he “would not have given them $6 billion” as “this empowers that regime to export terror and encourages them to take more Americans in order to try to get more money from assets that are frozen because of their own terrorist conduct.”

Watch above via CNN.

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