Kaitlan Collins

Tucker Carlson: DNC’s Fox Ban is Part of Global Plan by Left to ‘Crush Dissent’ as ‘CNN Applauds’

Trump Claims He ‘Never Said’ He’d Build a ‘Concrete’ Wall. Here He is Promising a Child That Exact Thing at Rally

Kellyanne Conway Had The Funniest Gaffe of 2018, Plus 12 Other Amazing Media Moments This Year

CNN’s Toobin Defends Trump on ‘Nationalist’ Uproar: ‘He Has a Legitimate Argument’

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Incorrectly Reports Clarence Thomas Was Accused of Sexual Assault During Confirmation

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins is the Latest Target of a Nasty Social Media Smear Campaign

CNN Panel Rips Grassley After He Blames Workload for Lack of Women on Committee: This is Why the ‘Old White Man’ Stereotype Exists

Trump Shoots Down Questions on Kavanaugh from Multiple Reporters: ‘Don’t Do That!’

CNN Reads Out Disturbing Threats Kavanaugh’s Wife Has Received

Omarosa’s Publisher Responds To Trump Campaign’s Legal Threats: We ‘Will Not be Intimidated’

‘Move Jim! Let’s Go!’ White House Aides Shout at Acosta, Loud Press Corps, in Chaotic Oval Office Photo Op

Howard Kurtz: The Reason Reporters Yell Questions at Trump Is Simply He ‘Often Answers Them’

Scaramucci Slams WH Barring Kaitlan Collins: 1st Amendment Gives Reporters the Right to Ask Questions

Tucker Carlson Defends Alex Jones: ‘CNN is Trying to Squelch His Point of View’

Fox’s Shepard Smith Calls Out ‘Personal Friend’ Bill Shine For Banning CNN Reporter From White House Event

Bill Shine Gets Indignant Amid Blowback Over WH Booting CNN’s Collins: ‘Ask Her if We Ever Used the Word Ban

NBC’s Hallie Jackson Defends CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: ‘Any Reputable Journalist’ Would’ve Asked Questions as She Did

Don Lemon Hits Back at WH: Barring Kaitlan Collins Is ‘Odd Way’ of Showing You Support a Free Press

After Fox President Defends CNN, Lou Dobbs Says It’s ‘About Time There Were Consequences’ for Disrespect

Fox News President Declares ‘Strong Solidarity with CNN’ After WH Bars Kaitlan Collins from Event

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