Lies, Lies Everywhere

Chuck Todd Rips Trump White House for Telling ’White Lies’ While Yelling ‘Fake News’

Chuck Todd went off on the White House and President Donald Trump in the wake of the news that White House Communications Director Hope Hicks – who just announced her resignation – tells “white lies” at the president’s behest.

“Think about that. The White House communications director admits that she lies. Lies, whatever the color, to the public,” Todd said.

For maximum ironic effect, Todd played a superclip of Trump accusing the media of espousing “fake news” on dozens of different occasions.

“Fake news!” Todd exclaimed. “And now this White House admits what we all knew to be true: that much of what it tells us is fake.”

“So how are we supposed to know when the White House is telling the truth?” Todd asked. “How do we know when the White House is lying, whether it’s telling a white lie or something worse?”

“By the way, we believe all lies matter,” he said. “Was it a white lie when President Trump said there was no collusion with the Russians? Was it a a white lie when he said there was no obstruction of justice? Was it a lie when he said he was going to drain the swamp, hire only the best, never groped women, wouldn’t benefit from his tax cut, you get the drill.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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