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CNN’s Erin Burnett Stunned By Report on Trump’s Taxes: ‘Literally the Biggest Loser in the Country’

CNN anchor Erin Burnett had a harsh assessment of President Donald Trump in the wake of a new report revealing his businesses lost more than a billion dollars in one decade: “He was literally the biggest loser in the country.”

Burnett’s CNN panel analyzed on Tuesday night the bombshell New York Times report based on a decade of Trump’s tax returns (1985 to 1994) that revealed his businesses “were in far bleaker condition than was previously known.”

“This is not normal,” Burnett noted.

Burnett contrasted the findings from the report with Trump’s claims to being successful businessman. The CNN anchor was fixated on a detail from the report that Trump “appears to have lost more money than nearly any other individual American taxpayer” over several years.

She turned to pro-Trump CNN commentator Scott Jennings, asking if this detail explains why Trump has sought to hide his tax returns from the public.

“Does this to you explain why he doesn’t want anyone to have this information?” she asked. “That he was such a loser? The reason I say that word, I’m not trying to be funny, he uses that word all the time. He calls people losers and has such disdain and drips with horror when he uses that word, and yet he was literally the biggest loser in the country.”

Brutal. Watch Jennings’ reply above, via CNN.

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