CNN Contributor on ‘Cultural Shift’ Surrounding School Shootings: Look at Movies and ‘Rap Industry’

While talking about the horrific Parkland school shooting, CNN contributor Andre Bauer looked at the “cultural” angle:

“We have a culture thing here that we’re not discussing. I mean, when I grew up it was Andy Griffith and you never had school shootings and we still had prayer in school and we drove to school with guns in the car… Today, we are in a different time when the movie industry, the rap industry, radio in general talks about these things that are common now and we have almost desensitized it. Now we have to worry about kids eating Tide Pods instead of discipline. We go after parents who discipline their children. When I was in school, the principal had a paddle. It was called the Board of Education, and he used it on all the students. We have changed the mindset today and so it’s scary now that students would even contemplate this type of behavior. We have a cultural shift.”

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin recently made similar comments about the culture, invoking violent video games.

Watch above, via CNN.

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