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CNN Correspondent Rips Trump’s Speech: Contradicted Himself and ‘Stated the Obvious’

cnn clarissa wardCNN senior international correspondent Clarissa Ward reacted to Donald Trump‘s big foreign policy speech by saying he was basically “stating the obvious or stating things that the U.S. is already doing.”

From talk of cutting off funding to saying the U.S. needs to work more on alliances, Ward said that Trump apparently didn’t seem to understand what we’re already doing to combat terrorism.

For example, Trump talked about improving relations with Egypt and Jordan. Ward said, “Egypt and Jordan already have very close ties to the U.S.”

She also found some of his proposals confusing, like how he’s proposing to cut off internet access for terrorists and terrorist sympathizers. She pointed out that “it would limit the abilities of our intelligence services to collect valuable intel.”

Ward concluded, “There were a lot of suggestions that seemed to contradict each other, and quite a few that, quite frankly, are already being done on the ground.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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