CNN Hosts Shocked By Tucker Carlson’s ‘Sham’ Apology For Writer’s Racism: ‘Vile Content’ Bled Into His Show


CNN’s New Day laced into Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his “sham” response to the racist posts discovered to have been written by the head writer of his prime time show.

In an internal memo condemning Blake Neff’s history of racist and sexist comments — which were reported by CNN reporter Oliver Darcy and prompted Neff’s resignation — Fox News said Carlson would issue an apology on Monday. On air, Carlson told viewers “we don’t endorse those words” and that Neff’s comments were not reflective of the Fox News show. Carlson also railed against “ghouls now beating their chests in triumph at the destruction of a young man,” adding “self-righteousness also has its costs.”

At the end of his show, Carlson announced he was going trout-fishing for the next four days as part of a “long-planned” vacation.

CNN hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota interviewed Darcy on New Day Tuesday morning about Carlson addressing the racist posts of his head writer.

“A couple things were missing from the way he addressed this last night,” Darcy said. “The most notable thing missing was an actual apology to his audience that his show’s monologues have been written in part by someone who has been expressing the racist attitudes online. But a couple other of things, he never explained to the audience, for instance, exactly what the posts were that got this kid in trouble. He didn’t explain that they were racist. He never gave them any insight into why this person was ashamed and resigned from the posts, and he was also was a little bit misleading.”

“What he said last night was a sham, Oliver,” Berman responded. “That was a sham. That’s not an apology at all. At all. What the hell does he mean you shouldn’t attack people for qualities they can’t control? Tucker Carlson can’t make himself say ‘racist’, right?”

“Say the word: racist. What this guy did was racist and misogynistic,” Berman continued, referring to Neff. “Attack people for qualities they can’t control? That sounds coded to me. What does that mean? I can’t control being white or Black or Jewish or gentile? What the hell does that mean? I can’t believe — actually, I can believe that Tucker went on and did this last night — and then to set up being holy as the opposite of being racist. Like Oliver, it’s your fault, it’s your fault for doing this reporting on this guy who wrote stuff for Tucker.”

“It seemed he was more angry actually at the reporting than he was at his writer’s racist conduct,” Darcy said. “The general ideas behind these what [Neff] was writing are often expressed on Tucker Carlson’s show. You know, he’s said immigrants make this country dirtier. He’s called the idea of white supremacy a hoax. These are the ideas that Tucker Carlson has said on his actual Fox News show.”

“People should all read your reporting because you just spell it out how the vile content he was writing did bleed into Tucker’s show and Tucker’s monologues,” Camerota added. “You just connect the dots, right there for everybody.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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