CNN Sources: Female Terror Suspect Wasn’t Even in France During Attacks

Hayat Boumediene, the girlfriend of Paris hostage-taker Amedy Coulibaly, was reportedly not even in France during the two terrorist attacks last week.

Boumediene, who was wanted by French authorities for her connection to the murder of a French policewoman, was reportedly not in France during last week’s wave of terrorist attacks. According to CNN, she left France on either January 1st of 2nd — days before the massacre at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Sources close to French security say she crossed the border into Spain and flown from Madrid to Istanbul, a common stopover for many potential jihadis, before attempting to cross the border into Syria by foot.

It was thought that she was with Coulibaly when he held six people hostage in a Parisian kosher supermarket yesterday and subsequently escaped. But so far, no witnesses were able to place her in the market at the time.

Watch below via CNN:

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