CNN’s Ana Navarro, Mike Shields Spar Over Trump’s Racism: ‘People Who Do Racist Things Are Racist!’


The fireworks raged on at CNN Monday night when conservative commentators Ana Navarro and Mike Shields faced off to debate whether President Donald Trump’s slams on four progressive Democratic congresswomen are the final proof of his racism.

As the two joined Chris Cuomo, Shields started things off saying Trump’s remarks were “inartful” but refer to a broader point that “conservatives love America” while some people on the left “think as a sum, America’s bad.” This led to a tete-a-tete where Cuomo asked Shields, “What do you need to say saying racist things is wrong?”

Navarro got into to reflect on the state of the Republican Party, and to state that “not being racist is not a passive act. Being silent while other people are racist and divide this country and build up these hostilities and fan the flames of division – of them versus us – that is not a passive act.”

“If you want to say that you are not racist, then you’ve got to go further and not enabling, not legalizing, not empowering a racist,” Navarro continued. “You’ve got to be able to call a spade a spade. You’ve got to believe to call a racist a racist, even if it is the President of the United States, even if he is of your own party.”

As the conversation continued, Navarro tried to repeatedly ask Shields, “Do you think what he said was racist?”

“Yeah, I do, I don’t think it’s the right thing to say,” Shields responded, but Navarro continued to push him and ask, “Do you think it’s a racist tweet that needs to be condemned for racism?”

Shields tried to shift the discussion toward the “massive double standard” for Democrats accused of bigotry, but Navarro stayed on topic as she railed against the “fear” and “cowardice” of Republicans who won’t condemn Trump for fear of his ire. When Shields retreated by saying “the president is not a racist,” Navarro cycled through a multitude of Trump’s racial controversies for a heated closer.

“People who say racist things are racist,” she concluded. “People who do racist things are racist!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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