CNN’s Erin Burnett: Trump Scolding Reporters Isn’t About ‘Decorum,’ It’s About ‘Controlling the Press’


At the top of her show on Friday, CNN’s Erin Burnett pushed back on President Donald Trump‘s claims that he will impose rules and regulations on the press to ensure “decorum and respect” at the White House.

Asked by reporters about what he meant by rules and regulations he plans to impose in wake of Jim Acosta‘s hard pass reinstatement, Trump insisted “you have to act with respect” in the White House.

“You can’t take three questions and four questions and just stand up and not sit down,” Trump scolded the reporters. “Decorum. We have to practice decorum. You were there. You understood, and you understand we want total freedom of the press. That’s very important to me. It’s more important to me than anybody would believe. But you have to act with respect. You’re in the White House.”

After playing the clip of Trump’s words,  Burnett then played a clip of Kanye West swearing and acting up in the Oval Office.

Burnett pointed out by Trump’s own words about decorum and based on his threat to walk out on reporters not behaving as he likes, his response should have been to walk out of the room and not hug West or praise the guy in front of the cameras.

She then concluded that Trump — who she showed berating a female reporter — was not really concerned about decorum. He was actually concerned with “controlling the press.”

“This isn’t about decorum or respect for the White House, right?” Burnett said. “It’s about controlling the press. The president making it clear that if he can’t take away press passes, fine, he’ll manipulate other journalists to accomplish his goal of silencing the questions he doesn’t want.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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