CNN’s Jim Sciutto Lists Trump’s False Claims to Kellyanne Conway: Does President Have a License to Lie?


CNN’s Jim Sciutto pressed Kellyanne Conway on President Donald Trump‘s falsehoods he stated during the presidential campaign in a heated interview Wednesday.

“I want to talk about everything. To get to your point about it’s been litigated in the election. I’ve heard you make this point and others. The president lied during the election, as you know, he lied about birtherism, lied about Muslims celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey and others and, yes he was elected,” Sciutto said. “Does that give him license to then share falsehoods while he is president? Does the election give you license to do whatever you did during the campaign?”

“That’s a lot of opinionating about the campaign,” Conway replied. “So, focus on my work here at the White House, since you want to talk about the 2016 campaign since you brought it up, I certainly didn’t because I never have to talk about it again, winning finishes all the sentences.”

“It’s Hillary Clinton who had a 62 percent number of people saying that they thought she was not honest or trustworthy and it hurt her in the election,” she continued. “We as a country certainly want to elect the first female president, but not one who has a difficult relationship with the truth. And so that certainly was decided by the electors, but this president ran —“

“I can recite the number of times the president has demonstrated his difficult relationship with the truth, but we don’t have time for that,” Sciutto interjected.

“Look, if you think that’s your job as a reporter then go for it, but I think my job here is to work every day on policy that helps improve the lives of Americans and we do have record low unemployment among millions of Americans,” Conway shot back. “We have growth over four percent. We have unemployment under four percent. This matters to people.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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