CNN’s Joan Walsh to Biden: If You Want to Change ‘White Man’s Culture’ in 2020, Don’t Run


CNN political analyst Joan Walsh suggested that if former Vice-President Joe Biden really wanted to change the so-called “white man’s culture” then he would not run for President in 2020.

Walsh’s remarks were in response to comments Biden made on Tuesday lamenting how Anita Hill was treated during the Clarence Thomas hearings — hearings over which Biden presided.

Panning the “white man’s culture,” Biden said this during the Biden Courage Awards ceremony in New York.: “She paid a terrible price. She was abused through the hearing…To this day, I regret I couldn’t get her the kind of hearing she deserved.”

Speaking during a panel discussion on Wednesday, host Erin Burnett noted the irony.

“You’ve got Joe Biden as the white grandfather in all of this, the white man saying it’s a white man’s culture. Okay. It’s got to change,” Burnett said.

Walsh then replied that she had a way for Biden to make a change.

“I have an idea for how he can change it. Don’t run,” Walsh said. “Come out and support a woman. There’s six women in the race, four female senators. If you want to change it, that’s a way to change it. You know, I admire Joe Biden. I am a fond Democrat. He was a great vice president. But you want to change it? Don’t run.”

She then added his treatment of Hill was not going away.

It “will remain a huge issue if he does run,” she stressed.

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