CNN’s John Avlon Hits Mitch McConnell for Ignoring Russian Election Interference: ‘Talk About Politics Over Principles’

CNN’s John Avlon buried Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell today by accusing him of not caring about Russia continuing to interfere with America’s electoral institutions.

Robert Mueller warned in his testimony this week that Russia is still searching for ways to meddle with U.S. elections, and yet, McConnell blocked two election security bills submitted by Congressional Democrats in the last few days. Avlon made this the focus of Friday’s “Reality Check” for New Day, and he called it “outrageous” and “insulting” that Republicans under McConnell’s leadership aren’t showing more urgency about the warning signs of foreign influence.

“Talk about politics over principles. Who in the world would benefit from refusing to strengthen our election systems? Certainly not Americans,” Avlon said. “While intelligence and law enforcement folks are warning about this ongoing threat, too many Senate Republicans seem far more interested in defending the president than in defending our democracy.”

Avlon continued by noting President Donald Trump has shown a disinterest in fortifying the country’s democratic processes, “perhaps that’s because he fears that foreign interference delegitimizes his own election win.”

“Appeasing Trump is no reason for lawmakers to abandon their responsibility to the republic,” Avlon said. “Ignoring the need to strengthen our election systems is an outrage.”

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