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CNN’s Keilar Grills Fauci Over Trump’s Google-Coronavirus Site Claims: ‘Where is the Stumbling Block Here?’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the most prominent figures of the White House’s coronavirus task force, was pressed in an interview over President Donald Trump’s errant claims about Google’s efforts to help deal with the pandemic.

As Fauci spoke to Brianna Keilar on Sunday about the ongoing health crisis, the CNN host noted how Trump said in one of his most recent press conferences that Google was working with the government to create a new website that would provide information about coronavirus symptoms and testing. Keilar noted, however, that Trump overhyped Google’s actions since their pilot program is only set to launch in California, and there’s no nationwide version ready yet.

Fauci offered a defense for Trump on the matter:

“We’ve conflated two things there that are confusing. Google and their website that gives you instructions about where and how you can get a test is different from the availability of tests, okay? So the Google right now, that we’re talking about, we have a website up and it will have information and it’s kind of a pilot. But still, apart from that, having the test available in commercial places where you can get it are not absolutely wed to Google’s website. You can still get tested if their website isn’t up to where it should be.”

Keilar countered by asking “how can the American people trust that an effective response is being run” if Trump is spreading “incorrect information” about how to deal with the virus.

“I think the issue is that’s not the only way you’re going to wind up knowing how to get it,” Fauci answered. “You get on the phone, your doctor will be connected to the Walmarts and the CVS’s and the other places they’ll be able to get it. Having the heavy hitter commercials involved is helped by a website that can tell you where to go. But you can still get it apart from the website.”

“The CVS and Walgreens were also surprised by sort of the promise that was coming from the president about the availability of drive-through testing,” Keilar pressed on. “Where is the communication? Because clearly the leadership, the communication is a prescription in itself. Where is the stumbling block here?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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