CNN’s Stelter: Trump Comments on Migrant Caravan Show ‘The Fox News Presidency at Work’


President Donald Trump has talked in recent days about the migrant caravan heading to the U.S. border. There was a clash with Mexican police on the Guatemalan-Mexican border last night, and one night before the President said at a rally that Democrats are hoping for the caravan to get to the U.S. before election day so the people coming in will vote for them.

On CNN this morning, Brian Stelter told anchor Fredricka Whitfield, “This is the Fox News presidency at work. Because the president is watching Fox’s coverage of this migrant caravan. He’s reacting to it in very strong ways. Very critical ways.”

He said some of Trump’s rhetoric is “pretty unhinged” and so “misinformed by conservative media,” noting Trump’s dismissive answer when asked last night how he knows these are hardened criminals.

One reporter asked what he’s basing that on, and the President answered, “Don’t be a baby.”

Stelter said, “So obviously he doesn’t really want to address where he’s getting this information from.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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