CNN’s Toobin: The ‘Fox News Chorus’ Will Have to ‘Figure Out a Line’ on the Mueller Report

With the possibility of Robert Mueller‘s endgame in sight, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said that the “Fox News chorus” will need to figure out what the line on its conclusions will ultimately be.

Trump was asked about the Mueller probe today and said again there was no collusion, adding that “if it’s an honest report, it will say that.”

After noting it’s “approximately the 10,000th time” Trump has said “no collusion,” Toobin said the question now is how Team Trump ends up responding to the final report:

“Are they going to say the report is simply a vindication of everything they have been saying all along––this is old news, there’s nothing here––or are they going to say it’s just a pack of lies? Now, they probably will pick and choose to a certain extent. They’ll say parts that are unfavorable are a pack of lies. But, you know, the Fox News chorus is going to have to figure out a line on the Mueller report. And those two options, like ‘no news here’ or ‘it’s all lies,’ they’re going to have to pick that, I think.”

A DOJ official said today they aren’t expecting Mueller’s report to be submitted next week, following reports that it may wrap very soon.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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