CNN’s Victor Blackwell Clashes With Pro-Trump Guest Over Family Separation: POTUS Created the Problem!


CNN’s Victor Blackwell faced off this morning with Women for Trump’s Amy Kremer over the Trump administration’s bad week on immigration.

The week was dominated with discussion of the Trump administration’s family separation policy. President Trump signed an executive order to keep families together, but the border crisis is ongoing.

Kremer said that “immigrants have to follow the laws” and go to a port of entry if they don’t want to be separated from their children in the first place.

“As a mother,” she said, “I wouldn’t do that to my child.”

Blackwell asked her how anyone could blame a parent in this situation. Kremer again said, “Follow the law and you’re not gonna be separated from your children.”

They moved onto where the onus of responsibility falls here. Blackwell noted this was Trump administration policy, but Kremer said it’s on Congress to make the laws here. Trump’s policy, she argued, is to just “enforce the law.”

Blackwell shot back by again saying this was Trump administration policy. As they went back and forth, Kremer said family separations happened under Barack Obama too.

Blackwell said it didn’t happen “at this level,” telling Kremer, “There are numbers, there’s research!”

Kremer pointed to an interview former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson did where he talked about family separation during the Obama era.

Blackwell brought up that Johnson actually talked about this on CNN and played a clip from it.

When Johnson sat down with Jake Tapper this week, he said that while there were likely “individual cases” of family separation under Obama when he led Homeland Security, there was “no policy or practice, at least on my watch, to separate women, parents from their children.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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