Colbert on ‘Fact-Stater’ Trump: He ‘Can’t Even Remember the Word for Not Lying’


President Trump‘s remarks to the press on Thursday prompted a lot of news, particularly about his beef with the country’s top intelligence officials, and cable news covered it extensively. The Late Show< with Stephen Colbert mined a lot of material, too, for which you’ll shortly be grateful.

Host Stephen Colbert started with the throw-down between Trump and his top intel chiefs Dan Coats and Gina Haspel. Some good jokes in between the clips (watch above) mixed well with the inherent hilarity of claiming that something anyone can watch on video didn’t happen.

“What do you mean they were misquoted? There were cameras! It was live. We all watched it,” said Colbert.

He turned then to the wall. He played a montage of Trump saying variations on “If there’s no wall, it doesn’t work” and a few other clips. The last was of Trump talking about how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would react to the lack of a wall.

Trump said Pelosi would be begging for a wall if the one in Tijuana were torn down. “I’m not saying this as a Republican, I’m not saying it as anything other than a fact-stater,” he said in the clip.

“A ‘fact stater?'” Colbert said laughing. “Trump lies so much, he can’t even remember the word for not lying.”

Back in the Trump voice, he mocked “Okay, who wants to play a game of fact-state or dare? I dare you to fact-state.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of CBS.

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