Cris Collinsworth Asks Trump to Apologize to NFL Players He Called ‘Son of a B*tch’

Cris Collinsworth, the host of Sunday Night Football host and famous voice of the NFL, had some advice for the President of the United States during tonight’s broadcast.

Though Collinsworth is typically a guy who follows the “stick to sports” mantra, he asked President Donald Trump to apologize for his “son of a bitch” comments targeting NFL players who protest the pregame national anthem. After being asked what he would say to the president, Collinsworth said, “I would say he should apologize. They’re not SOBs, they’re smart thoughtful guys, they really are.”

“But I guarantee you if the president invited — I can make a list of 10 guys — to the White House and heard their stories and heard their thoughts and heard how concerned they are about America, they would find the common ground and they would move this forward,” he added.

Collinsworth took particular offense to Trump’s profanity aimed at NFL players who choose to protest, saying an apology for that expletive alone “would go a long way.”

Despite the overwhelming backlash Trump has received for his attacks on the pro-athletes, the president and members of his administration chose to double-down on these remarks — advising owners and the league commissioner to fire these players, as well as telling fans to boycott the league.

Watch above via NBC.

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