Cure Auto Insurance Draws Heat for ‘Offensive’ Super Bowl Spot Casually Joking About Workplace Harassment: ‘Ad Fail of the Decade’


A Super Bowl ad from Cure Auto Insurance, which played right before halftime Sunday night, is drawing criticism for belittling the seriousness of workplace harassment.

The ad takes place within an office where a lady is seated behind a desk – with two employees – one female and one male.

“Ms. Davis, Tommy just brought me into his office and whipped out his opinion,” the female employee stated.

“Tommy,” the lady behind the desk, purportedly a supervisor, replied.

“I didn’t just whip it out. She was into it. Plus, I have a pretty big opinion,” Tommy then added.

“Oh please, it’s not that big,” the female co-worker stated.

“She only gave me a second,” Tommy interjected.

“Tommy, not everyone in this office wants your opinion,” the supervisor stated.

“Okay, well, how about you last week at happy hour when you begged me for my opinion?” Tommy then asked.

“I had a pitcher of margaritas. I would’ve taken Doug’s opinion,” the supervisor concluded.

Twitter quickly called out the ad for being offensive:

Watch above, via CBS.

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