Dana Loesch Blames Weinstein’s Ongoing Behavior on Meryl Streep’s Silence

In the wake of the bombshell sexual misconduct allegations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, there has been a lot of discussion about how his behavior was an open secret in Hollywood. This has led to criticism over delayed responses of condemnation from many actors, actresses and politicians who had known Weinstein over the years.

During a Fox News panel discussion this evening, NRA spokesperson and conservative commentator Dana Loesch not only ripped those like Hillary Clinton for waiting days to speak out against Weinstein, she also accused well-known female movie stars of being complicit in Weinstein’s sexual harassment and assault.

“I saw Jessica Chastain tweeted, her excuse was that she didn’t feel like those victim stories were hers to tell,” Loesch declared. “I saw Meryl Streep’s statement. Really? If Meryl Streep wins an Oscar for anything it should be that B.S. letter that she wrote talking about Harvey Weinstein.”

And she wasn’t done: “Here you have the woman that’s at the center of Hollywood that everyone reveres and she pretends not to know anything about this man’s past? Please! It’s because of people like Meryl Streep and her silence that other women were brutalized and victimized.”

Both host Martha MacCallum and fellow panelist Jessica Tarlov would jump in after that remark, with Tarlov saying that we shouldn’t be putting the blame on other people. This caused Loesch to say “you are a fool or a liar if you think these people were unaware of it.”

“You think Meryl Streep was okay with women getting raped by Harvey Weinstein?” Tarlov shot back.

Loesch went on to exclaim that people that are OK with “third-wave feminism and female empowerment were quiet about it at the betterment of their own careers.” Tarlov and Loesch then went at it for a few more seconds — with Tarlov bringing up Donald Trump’s past allegations — before MacCallum called an end to the segment.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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