Dem Congressman: Trump and Barr ‘Brainwashed the Public’ With Lies

Rep. Steve Cohen suggested on MSNBC on Friday that the lies of President Donald Trump and United States Attorney General William Barr have “brainwashed” Americans when it comes to their support for impeachment proceedings.

Cohen’s comments were made during a conversation with Peter Alexander on the Democrats efforts to begin an impeachment inquiry.

Alexander got the ball rolling by asking Cohen if the move to hold impeachment hearings was risky for Democrats.

“I think the latest polling that we did at MSNBC with Wall Street Journal shows that 21% of Americans believe that impeachment hearings, that this inquiry should begin, compared to 50% who say no and 27% who basically say keep doing what you’re doing,” Alexander noted.

He then asked: “So why would Americans all be on board as you suggest with impeachment?”

Cohen said he was not sure if those numbers were correct before noting it is still a “pretty good” amount who are already on board.

The Congressman then suggested if an inquiry is launched public approval will grow.

“I think if you go forward with impeachment and you bring out information from McGahn and others will be more likely to get evidence from our subpoenas enforced on — and on documents to be turned over. If we get that information and it comes out that there will be more and more people that see what happened to our Constitution, which was shredded,” he said. “I think you will find more people for impeachment as the hearings go on.”

He further noted that only 19 percent were for impeachment before the Watergate hearings but “when they heard the proof, they changed their mind.”

Finally, Cohen suggested that one reason for people not supporting an impeachment inquiry is that they have been brainwashed.

“We heard a month of no collusion, no obstruction,” the Congressman pointed out. “Lies by Barr, lies by Trump. They brainwashed the public.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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