Dem Congresswoman on Trump’s Mental Health: There Are ‘Certain Signs That Worry Us’

During a nearly eight minute long MSNBC segment dedicated to President Donald Trump‘s mental health, Democratic Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren of California compared the president to an elderly person in a state of mental decline, saying there are “certain signs that worry us.”

The bit, which was featured on All In with Chris Hayes, continued by Lofgren explaining her congressional resolution which urges Trump to seek mental health help through a medial psychiatric evaluation. The congresswoman went so far as to compare Trump’s mental state to a heart attack or “obvious physical disability.”

The congresswoman voiced her concerns:

A lot of people are concerned about the president’s behavior. He seems to lack impulse control. He swings from topic to topic. Any of us who have had and older person that we know suffering from mental decline can see certain signs that worry us — repetition, someone who seems lost where they are… I think that if this were an obvious physical disability, let’s say a massive heart attack, the vice president and the cabinet would be getting the advice of medical professionals. Similarly, with these questions they should get advice from medical professionals on whether this is the president just being an odd person or whether there’s a problem here.

The show’s host, Chris Hayes, pushed back on the congresswoman’s assertions and asked if these questions were personal and political, rather than medical.

Lofgren is not the only California Democrat leading the charge on questioning the president’s fitness for office due to his mental state. Congresswoman Jackie Speier¬†called for invoking the 25th Amendment due to his psychological position, which would allow Vice President Mike Pence and the executive cabinet to remove Trump from office, and Congressman Ted Lieu¬†wants a psychiatrist in the White House to evaluate the president.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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