Tucker Carlson And Maryland Prof Jason Nichols Go At It Over Statues: ‘Symbolism Matters!’


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson thinks the debate over tearing down Confederate statues is a “manufactured crisis.” Jason Nichols — a professor at the University of Maryland — does not.

The two went at it during a heated segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight Thursday.

Carlson argued that the statue debate “came out of nowhere.” Nichols took umbrage with that idea.

“I think the discussion often times from people…who have a certain level of privilege is often times ‘oh, this just came out of nowhere.'” Nichols said. “It was the same thing during the civil rights movement, ‘Came out of nowhere. It’s these outside agitators. They’re making a problem.'”

“This has been going on for generations!” Carlson replied. “And no one said squat!”

Carlson’s main point was that while the statue debate is legitimate, it pales in comparison to more pressing issues.

“I’ve always spoken about education, health disparities, and other disparities. Economic problems,” Nichols said.

“‘But they’re nothing compared to a statue in Richmond!'” Carlson said in a mocking tone.

“Symbolism matters!” Nichols said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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