Dem Congresswoman on Trump’s ‘Terrifying’ North Korea Comments: ‘These Are War Tweets’

On Saturday, President Donald Trump launched perhaps his most aggressive Twitter attack against North Korea yet, saying that there “is only one option” to solve the nuclear crisis — and Democrat Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal believes these threats are tweets of war.

“I think it’s incredibly irresponsible. These are war tweets, is what it looks like,” said Jayapal while appearing on CNN’s Newsroom.

The Twitter comments the Washington state congresswoman referred to as “terrifying for the country” included Trump saying “talking to North Korea” has gotten nowhere in the past 25 years, so “only one thing will work!” — many taking this as Trump outright calling for military action.

Jayapal’s full comment to CNN’s Ana Cabrera went as follows:

“I think it’s incredibly irresponsible. These are war tweets is what it looks like. You know, [he’s] undermining all of his negotiators who are trying to find other ways, I believe, to address the situation in North Korea. It is terrifying for the country because I don’t believe that Americans want the United States to go to war unnecessarily and they don’t want us to be the bully in the schoolyard taunting North Korea to go to war with us…. My heart was chilled because I believe this president has been itching to go to war.”

The congresswoman did slightly applaud the work of White House Chief of Staff Johny Kelly, as she believes Trump has shown “more discipline” since the general entered the scene. Though, these latest weekend tweets did not make Jayapal more confident “in the guy that’s got his finger over the nuclear war buttons.”

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