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‘Demagogic, Self-Serving Political Hack’: GOP Rep. Gowdy Goes Off On Obama Adviser

At the conclusion of Tuesday’s immigration reform hearing, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) had some harsh words for one of President Obama’s key advisers, calling him a “demagogic, self-serving political hack.”

After hearing from four witnesses on the questions of how best to institute background checks for immigrants who wish to remain in the United States and obtain residency, Gowdy praised their thoughtfulness — despite various disagreements — and used that as an opportunity to swipe at Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer:

“When I see quotes like I did today from someone named Dan Pfeiffer, who apparently works for the president,” Gowdy began, “He tweeted out today that our plan is to ‘allow some kids to stay but deport their parents.’ He summarized this entire debate with that tweet.”

Tweet in question, embedded below:

He then unloaded on the Obama adviser [emphasis added]:

“So I want to compliment you and thank you for not being a demagogic, self-serving, political hack who can’t even be elected to a Parent Advisory Committee, much less Congress. Which is what Mr. Pfeiffer is. I want to thank you for not being that and understanding these are complex issues where reasonable minds can perhaps differ.”

Watch below, via C-SPAN2:

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