Denmark Politician Corrects Fox Business Host Trish Regan After She Suggested Danes Are Lazy Socialists


Fox Business host Trish Regan attacked Denmark by suggesting that, due to the country’s social safety net, Danes are lazy and not “incentivized to do anything” — an accusation that a top Denmark politician quickly refuted.

“Denmark, like Venezuela, has stripped people of their opportunities,” Regan claimed a few days ago. “Nobody is incentivized to do anything because they’re not going to be rewarded.”

These claims were seen and eventually addressed by Denmark’s finance minister Kristian Jensen, who offered Regan an invitation to come to the country if she “dare be confronted with the facts.”

“So Danes don’t wants to work? 11 places better than US in OECD statistics!” Tweeted Jensen in a response to Regan. “We are working much more than Americans and at the same time ranking as the worlds best in Work-Life-Balance. You should come to Denmark if you dare be confronted with facts.”

Per the New York Times, Jensen also noted in an interview that “Denmark ranks 12 in economic freedom, Venezuela ranks 179,” so a comparison of the two countries by Regan is “simply egregious.”

“It made me angry to see such an erroneous image of Denmark,” he added. “Trish can think whatever she wants about Denmark, but on a factual basis.”

Regan responded to these fact checks on air, saying, “I was never implying that conditions in Denmark were similar in any way to the current tragedy on the ground there in Venezuela.”

However, she predictably still held onto her belief that “socialism is not the way.”

You can watch her original remarks and her follow-up above, via Fox Business.

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