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Devin Nunes to Hannity: Republicans Should ‘Stop Giving Quotes’ to Mainstream Media Outlets Allied With Dems

Congressman Devin Nunes told Sean Hannity tonight that Republicans should just stop giving quotes to mainstream media outlets.

As Hannity opened by talking about the anniversary of 9/11, he went off on some of the media coverage and brought up One America News’ lawsuit against Rachel Maddow and MSNBC for saying the channel “literally is paid Russian propaganda.”

After mocking “Roswell Rachel,” Hannity brought up a House Judiciary clash this week over whether they will bring DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz before the committee to answer questions.

Nunes briefly blasted the Democrats for being in “cover-up mode” before going back to the media:

“I’m glad you’re talking about the media continually, because we as Republicans — we need to stop talking to these media people. Most of the media out there, they are just assets of the Democratic party. I think Republicans need to just — if there’s fair reporters out there, fine. But the New York Times and the others that continue to spread these fallacies, just like the other bombshell the other day talking about these sources that were supposedly blown, it’s also fake news. This needs to stop and Republicans need to stop giving quotes to these mainstream media outlets.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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