Don Lemon Clashes With Kasich Over Trump Ukraine Call: ‘You’re Doing Exactly What the Apologists Are Doing’


CNN’s Don Lemon clashed with John Kasich tonight after the former Ohio governor said he doesn’t see a clear quid pro quo in the Trump Ukraine call.

Kasich said there should be an investigation to get to the bottom of this issue, saying “it’s incumbent on the Democrats to lay out a very strong case.” He said “the case has got to be so clear about how wrong this is so that people who are reasonable Republicans” are on the same side.

Lemon said, “Maybe it’s incumbent upon the politicians, the people who are actually leaders, to tell the people exactly what’s going on instead of having the president and his apologists shape a message that is not true, because anybody with half a brain who read that transcript knows exactly what the president was saying. It is obvious. It’s not nebulous. It’s not, ‘Well, maybe he meant that.’ You know exactly what he meant. All you have to do is read it.”

“Wait,” Kasich said. “You can’t say stuff like that… There are people that read that transcript and have a disagreement with what it means.”

“John, did you read the transcript?” Lemon asked.

“Yeah, I read the transcript! Of course I did!” Kasich responded.

“Were you confused by what it meant?” Lemon asked.

Kasich said he did “not see a clear quid pro quo,” emphasizing again there should be an investigation to see if it can be established.

“If you said, ‘Don, I need something from you,’ and I said to you, ‘John, yes, but I need you to do me a favor, though,’ what does that mean?” Lemon asked in response.

Kasich took issue with his question and Lemon responded, “Then you’re doing exactly what the apologists are doing.”

“People disagree with the transcript and they’re honest people,” Kasich shot back.

“You’re not helping people understand the problem, then you are part of the problem,” Lemon said.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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