EPA Whistleblower: I’m Still a Big Trump Supporter, But Scott Pruitt Needs to Go


With even more stunning Scott Pruitt news coming out today, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes spoke tonight with EPA whistleblower Kevin Chmielewski.

And Chmielewski started out by making clear that he’s still a supporter of President Trump‘s, telling Hayes “I’d go through a brick wall for the man today, including the vice president also.”

But regarding Pruitt, he said he “couldn’t put up with it anymore.”

Chmielewski reiterated some of what has already been reported about the scandal-plagued EPA administrator. At one point he and Hayes talked about the reporting staffers paid for Pruitt’s hotel stays and then weren’t reimbursed. Chmielewski said, “I actually saw where the chief of staff Ryan Jackson had to give one of the younger staffers––literally pulled six $100 bills out of his wallet and gave it to this young lady.”

Hayes bewilderedly responded, “Wait, what?!”

He ended the interview by asking if Pruitt should be fired. Chmielewski said this in response:

“Absolutely. I joined this administration––I’ve been in politics 17 years, I’ve worked for people like Governor Mitt Romney, John McCain, President Bush… that I know, love, admire still to this day. The problem with this is I joined the Trump campaign even before his announcement and why that was was because of the whole message of draining the swamp, and not only did we not drain the swamp with this man, I think we put a bigger swamp creature in there.”

You can watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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