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EPA Head Scott Pruitt Suggests Global Warming Can Lead to Society Flourishing

EPA Head Pruitt Slammed Trump in 2016: ‘Would Be More Abusive’ to Constitution Than Obama

Twitter Reacts to Picture of Sewage Bursting From EPA Water Fountain: ‘2017 In a Nutshell’

‘You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me’: Sen Merkley Ridicules Trump EPA Nominee Over Global Warming ‘Excuses’

EPA Spending Nearly $25K to Build Administrator Scott Pruitt a Soundproof Phone Booth

‘This Interview Has to Stop’: Scarborough Clashes With Scott Pruitt Over Trump and Climate Change

‘You Didn’t Answer My Question’: Jake Tapper Grills EPA Director Scott Pruitt After Paris Accord Pullout

Maher Advises GOP to Learn Difference Between ‘Being Conservative and Just Being a D*ck’

GOP Senator Defends EPA Cuts: They Are ‘Brainwashing Our Kids’

Al Gore Likens Trump EPA Chief to Flat-Earthers: He’s Denying ‘Most Basic Scientific Truth’

A ‘Scientist’s March’ Is Being Planned To Pressure and Oppose Trump

REPORT: Trump Admin. Mandates EPA Studies Undergo Political Review Before Public Release

Sean Spicer Says Federal Agency Directive to Stop Tweeting Didn’t Come From White House

‘I Don’t Know’: Sean Spicer Says They Are ‘Looking Into’ Story About EPA Gag Order

Trump Orders Media Freeze at EPA; Bans Press Releases and Social Media

Former Republican EPA Administrators Endorse Clinton, Citing Trump’s ‘Profound Ignorance of Science’

BREAKING: EPA Official Has Resigned Over Flint Water Crisis

GOP Rep. Grills EPA Chief over Response to Animas River Spill

Supreme Court Rules on Things That Aren’t Gay Marriage or Obamacare

EPA Hires Consultant to Tell Them That Pooping in Hallways Is Bad

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