Fox News Host Howard Kurtz Takes Own Network to Task For ‘Barely’ Covering Pruitt Resignation

Fox Panel Accuses Reporters of Sabotaging Pruitt’s Career: ‘Instigated By a Desire to Take Him Down’

Washington Restaurant Toasts to EPA Chief’s Resignation With ‘Pruitt Blew It’ Cocktail

New Pruitt Scandal Hit Just As He Quit: Aide Fired For Questioning Legality of Doctoring Records

EPA Whistleblower: I’m Still a Big Trump Supporter, But Scott Pruitt Needs to Go

EPA’s Pruitt Made Young Staffers Pay for His Hotel Stays, Then Refused to Reimburse Them

Scott Pruitt Reportedly Tried ‘Ratf*cking’ Ex-Staffer He Made Fetch a Used Trump Hotel Mattress

Today’s Scott Pruitt Scandal: EPA Chief Reportedly Hit Up an Energy Exec For Tickets to the Rose Bowl

National Review Says Time for Pruitt to Go: ‘This is No Way for Any Public Official to Treat Taxpayers’

From Lotion to Chick-Fil-A, a Comprehensive Ranking of EPA Chief Scott Pruitt’s Hilarious Idiot Scandals

Huh? Pruitt Reportedly Had an Aide Help Look Into Getting an Old Trump Hotel Mattress

EPA Officials Cooperated With Climate Change Deniers, New Emails Show

Reporters Barred from Covering EPA Summit Again, After Alleged Shoving Incident on Tuesday

AP Reporter ‘Physically Shoved’ Out of Event With Embattled EPA Chief Scott Pruitt

Dem Senator Brutally Mocks Embattled EPA Chief Pruitt For Flying First Class: ‘Nobody Even Knows Who You Are’

EPA Reportedly Hid Pruitt Dinner with Cardinal Accused of Sexual Abuse from His Public Schedule

Hugh Hewitt Given Verbal Warning by MSNBC Over Pruitt Meeting: ‘A Violation of Our Standards’

Scandal-Plagued EPA Head Scott Pruitt Reportedly Took a $100k Trip to Morocco Setup By Lobbyist

EPA Whistleblower: Pruitt Was ‘Lying’ to Congress About Never Punishing Staffers Over Spending Critiques

Pruitt Hits Back at ‘Twisted’ Reports of Unethical Conduct: Stories About Me ‘Do Not Resemble Reality’

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