Fmr Bush WH Medical Advisor Slams Trump for Announcing He’ll Soon Stop Taking Hydroxychloroquine: ‘What an Unnecessary Distraction’

A former White House medical advisor under the Bush administration slammed President Donald Trump for announcing that he would stop taking hydroxychloroquine in two days, just two days after he set off a firestorm of controversy by announcing he had been taking the unproven drug to prevent contracting the coronavirus.

Speaking with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Dr. Jonathan Reiner bemoaned the massive public uproar triggered by Trump’s decision to tell his personal physician that he wanted to begin an off-label usage of hyrdoxychloroquine after possible exposure in the White House.

“Does it make sense to take this drug for that period of time?” Burnett asked, of Trump announcing that he would soon be completing a two-week regimen that he began in early May. “Obviously, you know, we know there’s no proof that it does what he says it does. It is being studied to see whether it’s preventive, although it doesn’t work in terms of treatment. But does this period of time make sense to you or do you read anything into that?”

“Boy, what an unnecessary distraction this whole hydroxychloroquine thing has become,” a clearly frustrated Reiner said. “Look, there are three potential settings that you could take this drug. You can take it if you’re really sick with the virus. And there’s a growing established amount of data that shows pretty convincingly that it doesn’t work there. You can take it after you’ve been exposed to the virus, what we call post-exposure prophylaxis, which is apparently how the president has taken it. And again there’s no data although we’re promised data soon. And finally, you can take it pre-exposure, you know, all the time, and there’s zero data to point in that direction.”

“So either the president knows something that we don’t know and if he does, then let’s hear it. Or more likely, the rest of us in medicine know more than he does and we really need to stop this nonsense,” Reiner said. “It really makes no sense for him to have taken it for two weeks. This was trialed at the University of Minnesota and at Columbia [University] in a five-day regimen. So, I don’t know why he’s been on it for much longer than that.”

“What does this mean that, he was obviously he’s been obsessed with this drug, but able to get his medical team on board?” Burnett followed up.

“I think it’s impossible for him to admit that he’s wrong about something,” Reiner said, matter-of-factly. “So he’s going to take the drug just to prove everyone wrong. And, you know, the fact that he’s still alive after taking the drug doesn’t mean it was the right thing to do.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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