Former GOP Rep. on Strzok Hearing: ‘It Was a Humiliating Day to Be a Republican’

Former Republican Congressman David Jolly said the spectacle at the Peter Strzok hearing yesterday was an embarrassment for Republicans.

Jolly, who has heavily criticized his party in the age of Trump and talked last year about how the country might be better off if the Democrats re-take the House, spoke with Katy Tur about the Strzok hearing and the way Republicans grilled him over his anti-Trump texts.

“They behaved like children,” he said. “And it was a humiliating day to be a Republican… This was not about getting answers from Strzok. Even Goodlatte towards the end of the day said each member gets five minutes but Strzok doesn’t get to answer.”

He recalled that comment from Kevin McCarthy in 2015 when he infamously touted Hillary Clinton‘s poll numbers dropping after the Benghazi special committee was formed, saying it’s essentially to what happened yesterday.

“This has been part of the incremental strategy of both Trump, yes, those in Congress who go along with him, to undermine the integrity of the investigation from the very beginning,” he said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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