Fox & Friends: ‘If You Were Bored By the Last’ Impeachment Hearings ‘You’ll Be Really Bored By This One’


Fox & Friends is taking predictable issue with looming impeachment hearings scheduled to start this Wednesday and led by the House Judicial committee as follow up to those held by the House Intel committee last month.

Late Sunday evening, the White House announced that they would not be honoring the invitation to be included in the hearings, choosing not to participate by sending either a President Donald Trump or legal representation. Trump will be overseas while these proceedings begin instead of attending a NATO summit.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade took issue with this, saying “what bothers me, Ainsley no, matter who president is, internationally, you are supposed to hold your fire,” before citing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of impeachment inquiry while Trump was attending the UN summit.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt then reiterated what has been reported as a clear White House messaging strategy for dealing with the upcoming impeachment hearings by saying “the message America sees is that the president is working. He is over there,  he is concerned about our country. He is working with other national leaders, meanwhile, these Democrats are holding everything up.”

After running footage of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries telling Fox News anchor Chris Wallace that he didn’t know who specifically House Democrats planned to call to testify before the Judiciary committee, Kilmeade returned to dismiss the entertainment value of what many will call a historic legislative event.

“Going to be like a lecture,” he said, adding “they have three different lawyers come out historians come out hey this is why there should be impeachment and one say this is why this is not impeach being.”

“If you were bored by the last one, really bored by this one,” he said, adding “nobody has been converted!”

Watch above via Fox News.

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