Fox News Anchor to White House Spokesman: You Don’t Think Trump’s Rhetoric Plays Any Part in Fueling Hatred?

Fox News anchor Melissa Francis pressed White House Spokesman Hogan Gidley on whether President Donald Trump’s rhetoric has played a role in the recent uptick of gun violence.

“You don’t think it plays any part in the hatred or the violence or any of the back-and-forth? You don’t think — the accusation is that the culture he foments at his rallies leads to this kind of violence. How do you respond to that?” said Francis.

“That is absolutely ridiculous. We do not blame, nor do we even dream of blaming Elizabeth Warren for the shooter in Ohio who wanted to vote for her,” said Gidley. “The supporter of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who carried out a terrorist attack, trying to blow up a DHS I.C.E. Facility, using her language of concentration camps.”

“We don’t blame Barack Obama for the death of Dallas police officers. That is ridiculous,” Gidley added. “We wouldn’t dream of doing it and we cannot apply that standard to us and ignored in the Democratic side.”

“Would it help if everyone were more careful with their language?” Francis said.

Gidley said the president was very clear in what he wanted to say Monday, offering solutions and talking of unifying to make the country safer.

Francis then brought up President Barack Obama’s statement in light of the shootings released yesterday, which she called a “veiled jab” at Trump.

“If only Barack Obama was in a place to make a difference at some point in his life. Wait a minute, he was president of the United States!” remarked Gidley, before saying comments like Obama’s statement “take us backwards and take us to a dark place that we never want to be and we never want to visit.”



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