Fox News Dem Contributor Swipes at ‘Primetime on This Network’ for Lacking Coverage of Bad Economic News Friday


A Fox News Democratic contributor swiped at the network’s primetime line-up for not covering Friday’s economic news.

The Dow plunged Friday in the minutes after President Donald Trump‘s tweets blasting Fed chair Jerome Powell and suggesting he may be a “bigger enemy” than the leader of China.

On MediaBuzz, Howard Kurtz asked about the media coverage of the past week in Trump “chaos.”

Mo Elleithee said “the end of this week was really an interesting case study in this” before calling out the primetime hosts:

“Because of the president’s approach and because of the president’s style, the way he went after the Fed chair, escalating the trade war with China, what we saw was real-world implications. If you were watching — anyone who watches this program, if you’ve got a 401(k) account, you have less money in your retirement account at the end of the day on Friday than you did at the beginning of the day. The press covered that, rightfully so. I will give one place where it didn’t cover it well, and that was primetime on this network. If you were watching primetime on this network, you wouldn’t have known that. To really focus on the president’s behavior and how it has real-world implications I think is the role of the press.”

Tucker Carlson did a segment Friday that mainly focused on the trade war with China, Dan Bongino — filling in for Sean Hannity — briefly covered the news in a report from Trace Gallagher, and Laura Ingraham did a segment on “exposing the lies in the tariff fight.” At one point Ingraham said, “No one loves these ups and downs in the market. They could be unsettling, and they can have an effect over time, but this is a very small percentage of the overall U.S. economic record.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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