Fox News’ Ed Henry Defends Jon Karl From Trump Attacks: ‘He Challenges Both Sides’


Fox News anchor Ed Henry defended ABC News chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl from President Donald Trump’s attacks on Wednesday, recalling in an interview that Karl challenged former President Barack Obama too during press briefings.

As Karl appeared as a guest on America’s Newsroom to promote his new book, Henry commented, “I want to say, by the way, when I covered President Obama we were pretty much side-by-side there, and there were many times that the Obama White House tried to dismiss my questions and say, ‘You’re just playing gotcha because you’re at Fox.'”

“And it was Jon Karl, that man right there, who more often than not said, ‘Hang on a second, that’s a fair question, why don’t you answer it,’ and he would persist,” Henry recalled, adding for his viewers: “My point being, he does challenge both sides.”

President Trump bombarded Karl, who also serves as the chief of the White House Correspondents’ Association, with insults during a press briefing earlier this month, branding him a “third rate reporter” and saying, “You will never make it!”

During his appearance on America’s Newsroom, Wednesday, Karl also commented on Trump’s cable news addiction.

“We’ve never seen a president — I would argue we’ve never seen a public figure — who has consumed so much news media,” Karl declared, revealing, “You know, Trump once told me that he thought that TiVo, the early DVR, was the greatest invention… one of the greatest inventions ever because he can watch all the shows. He can watch your show live while he is DVR’ing what’s on the other cable news channels.”

“He watches the network morning shows, he watches the network evening shows, he reads the New York Times even as he vilifies the New York Times,” the White House correspondent continued. “He consumes media, he is an expert on media, he loves to see his name in print or on the screen.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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