Fox News Host: ‘How’s the President Supposed to Know’ Hush Money Payments Were Illegal?


Fox News host Melissa Francis pushed the idea that President Donald Trump may not be implicated in his ex-lawyer’s crimes, since Michael Cohen told him it was “wrong” to pay off Karen McDougal in an attempt to keep her quiet before the 2016 election, but it’s unclear if he said it was “illegal.”

“Another question that [George] Stephanopoulos missed — which, maybe half these questions were on the edit room floor because he missed some of the biggest, most obvious ones — if you knew this was illegal, did you tell the president it was illegal?” Francis said on today’s airing of Outnumbered. “Nobody’s asking him that question. He said he told him it was wrong, but did he tell him it was illegal, because he said hew knew it was illegal.”

“You were his legal counsel — he never claims that he told the president it was illegal, he’s his legal counsel, how’s the president supposed to know?” She asked.

Fellow host Harris Faulkner — fresh off her one-on-one interview with Trump — then stepped in to note the president’s comments on the issue align with Francis’s theory.

“The president trusted him to do his job,” she began. “The president told me yesterday… He paid for services and trusted that he was getting them, but you ask a very important question, when your attorney says something’s wrong, are we supposed to assume then that it’s illegal or that he wouldn’t advise you to do it?”

Faulkner then claimed a lawyer advising you that something is wrong could mean “two different thing.”

“I have a tax lawyer, and I ask them, ‘Is that legal?'” Francis chimed in.

“I mean that’s like what you have a lawyer for — is this legal or is this not?” She said of Cohen, who told George Stephanopoulos last night that “of course” his client knew that the hush money payments to women were wrong.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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