Fox News Host Pours Cold Water on the Twitter Files: ‘Just Not Breaking News’ That Democrats Help Democrats


Former Republican congressman and current Fox News host, Trey Gowdy, poured cold water on the so-called ‘Twitter Files’ during a segment with Bret Baier on Monday.

The conversation kicked off with Fox News co-host Jessica Tarlov calling out Twitter employees for celebrating the former president being removed from Twitter, but also argued there was no major revelation in the latest information dump focused on the social media giant’s ban of Donald Trump.

“I thought that was a very ugly look for the company and something that they would certainly be embarrassed that was released,” Tarlov said, adding:

Obviously, there were concerns about the free speech part of this. We had the president of France, we had Angela Merkel while she was still chancellor, say that this was chilling to see this happening in the United States. But this is a private company and there were a lot of people obviously within Twitter, but outside of Twitter who did feel that the president was inciting violence and we did end up seeing violence on January 6th.

So I see a pretty clear line there. And Matt Taibbi had one of his releases that said that Donald Trump, something they considered was what he called a pretty anodyne tweet.

It wasn’t anodyne at all. It was actually the president saying that the mail-in ballots were, should be invalidated, that there were discrepancies in them. And that’s how we’ve ended up with a system that are so many people who support the president who don’t think that Biden was elected legitimately.

“Yeah, I guess the argument was, was it calling for violence at that moment, which was their
stipulation? Trey Gowdy, how do you see it? And is this a big deal in your mind? Obviously, there are some news organizations who don’t think it is,” Baier then asked Gowdy.

“Yeah, Bret, I hate to be an outlier, but a group of Democrats showing preference for a Democrat and suppressing Republicans, it’s just not breaking news to me,” Gowdy replied, offering a divergent take from many on the right.

“I mean, The New York Times and Politico have been doing it for decades. So, I mean, shame on us for becoming so reliant on social media. If there is entanglement between government or law enforcement or intelligence community and Twitter, that’s a different story. But Bret, The New York Times does not endorse a Republican since Dwight Eisenhower,” Gowdy continued, adding:

I mean, who is surprised that a group of Democrats is going to suppress positive stories about Republicans and amplify negative stories about Republicans? It’s just not surprising to me.

“But I guess from all the questions they were taking on Capitol Hill, were conservatives being suppressed? Was this happening? And the answers were ‘no’ under oath in the testimony. I guess that’s where people go back to,” Baier then asked Guy Benson as the segment continued.

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