Fox News’ Jesse Watters Snarks on Journalists: ‘Not That Bright,’ ‘They Live in Small Apartments’


Fox News’ Jesse Watters got snarky mocking journalists tonight as unintelligent people who live in small apartments.

The Five was talking about media accountability after the Telegraph apologized to First Lady Melania Trump for an article they ran and said they would pay substantial damages. The co-hosts discussed the distrust in the media when Watters said this:

“I think Americans need to realize something, Greg. Journalists are not that bright. These people––they didn’t graduate first in their class from Harvard, they live in small apartments in New York and DC, they don’t have a lot of money, they’re boring people at parties. If you line them up between bankers and advertising executives and lawyers, they rank dead last on intelligence. Think about it! They get stuff wrong all the time!”

“These people aren’t that intelligent,” he continued, “but they act superior, and they hate Donald Trump, and they’re riddled with errors in their stories, and guess what? All of the errors make Republicans look bad.”

A clip from The Contemptor of Watters’ remarks got some attention on Media Twitter earlier tonight:

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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