Fox News’ The Five Bashes Media for North Korea Coverage: All Trump Gets Is ‘100% Negativity’


On Wednesday, the hosts of The Five predictably bashed the media for their coverage of President Donald Trump‘s historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

It all started when Jesse Watters kvetched that Trump gets no respect despite the fact it was the Obama administration that “botched pretty much everything they touched.”

“And then Trump comes in to try to broker a peace deal, gives up almost nothing,” the Fox host continued on. “The same people that praised Obama now are complaining…I think Obama gave Trump keys to the White House and said, by the way, I’ve done nothing on North Korea for eight years. It’s the biggest problem. You’re going to have to deal with it. Good luck. Trump tries to step up and bring peace to the peninsula and all he hears is 100% negativity and destroys the media narrative.”

Juan Williams then offered this counterpoint: “What you get is when Obama sat down and said I think this is ’07, in the midst of his campaign, he said I’m willing to meet with people who represent repressive regimes because it’s an opportunity to build bridges, to talk. Oh, my goodness. The Republicans said what is he doing? He is coddling our enemies and alienating our allies. When Trump does it, oh, this is historic, and the American media is the enemy. Talk about hypocrisy.”

Watters then said this: “I think we have a strong, muscular, pro-American president like Donald Trump when he is willing to sit down and talk to America’s enemies.”

Then after a bit more discussion, Greg Gutfeld piled on, saying, “I find it interesting that the same people who have spent decades pleading for dialogue are now having one delivered with a giant bow. I think that’s what really hurts. Trump is delivering what liberals have been promising and claiming is their expertise, and I think it disturbs and destroys their soul.”

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