Staten Island Man Destroys Portrait of ‘Idol’ Robert De Niro Over Trump Criticism

Yes, Robert De Niro, this Staten Islander is talking to you.

Joseph DeVito, a Staten Island resident and fan of De Niro’s to the point where he had a framed picture of the actor hanging up in his foyer, had some harsh remarks for and even harsher actions toward his idol after his remarks about President Donald Trump at the Tony Awards.

In a video taken Monday, taking the framed picture down from its hallowed place in his home, DeVito says, “After what he did… at the Tonys, this is where Robert goes.”

Where does Robert go? The back room? The attic? The camera follows DeVito as he brings the portrait outside, and puts it in – oh, the humanity! – the trash can.

“And this,” DeVito says, taking a large metal object out of a bin, “is what we think of you.”

And smash goes the glass frame.

As if the message wasn’t clear enough, DeVito takes the picture out of its mangled frame (careful not to cut your fingers there, Joseph) and rips it to shreds.

“You’re a real piece of [redacted],” DeVito says.

The crowd at the Tonys went wild when De Niro said “Fuck Trump” at the awards show Sunday.

“It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump,'” De Niro added. “It’s ‘Fuck Trump.'”

Watch above, via YouTube.

[image via screengrab]

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