Fox’s Shepard Smith Tears Into Trump After New Comments on Russian Interference: ‘A Baffling Presidency’

Fox News’ Shepard Smith expressed bewilderment today to Chris Wallace about President Donald Trump‘s latest remarks about Russian interference.

As the two anchors talked, Smith brought up how, when asked yesterday about Robert Mueller‘s warning that Russia is interfering in U.S. elections, the president responded, “You don’t really believe this. Do you believe this?”

He went on to talk about his call with Vladimir Putin that touched on the wildfires in Siberia.

Smith again went off on Trump for being dismissive about Russian interference:

“It’s one of the more baffling things of a baffling presidency. There is no doubt that they are interfering and yet he goes, ‘Do you believe that?’ Yeah, I believe it! I believe everyone in your government, I believe everyone in your intelligence apparatus. Of course I believe it! Is he the only one who doesn’t believe it or is he making it up?”

Wallace offered the interpretation that Trump sees statements like that as being akin to telling him “you didn’t get legitimately elected” and that it somehow “discredits his victory in 2016.”

He pointed to actions the government has taken to combat Russian interference and added, “I understand your frustration, but in fairness to him, while there is certainly an indication the Russians did interfere in the election, there’s never been much of an indication, certainly in the face of actual votes, that they hacked the votes or were able to change the vote counts in the 2016 election.”

“Of course, nobody said that,” Smith responded, “but to deny that there is interference, it’s just — it seems like if you’re president you want to unite the country around the idea that we’re under attack. That’s what his intelligence agencies tell us… He doesn’t want to put out the fires in California anymore, but we’re gonna help the Russians put out their fires? It’s just a big old boatload of weird to me.”

Wallace again said the government’s taken action on Russian interference and added, “It just is not a game that Donald Trump is willing to play, at least in talking to reporters.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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