Fox’s Stuart Varney: ‘Downton Abbey Turning Socialist? Say It Ain’t So!’


Following the fifth season premiere of Downton Abbey on PBS last night, Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney tweeted out this tease Monday morning, promising some commentary on one of Lord Grantham’s more ironic quotes from the episode:

Downton Abbey turning Socialist? Say it ain’t so!” Varney exclaimed in his on-air tease for the segment. “Season five, Downton Abbey began last night,” the host said when the show returned from commercial. “Didn’t see it, certainly didn’t see the premiere at least. But members of my staff said they watched it and the episode was filled with references to changing government.” He then showed that damning quote on screen.

“This is all about Socialism, isn’t it?” Varney asked his guests. “They’re saying these Socialists are going to ruin us, the aristocracy!”

“If you notice the younger characters, what the writers I think are doing is they are trying to actually put the progressives, the progressive mind set — these are Hollywood types in London, to be fair here — into the younger characters,” one of Varney’s guests said.

Yes, Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, the 65-year-old Conservative Party-member who has only ever worked in the British film and television industry, is definitely a “Hollywood type.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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