comScore Frank Luntz: Republicans Are ‘In Deep Trouble’ for Midterms

Frank Luntz: Republicans Are ‘In Deep Trouble’ for Midterms

Conservative pollster and political commentator Frank Luntz offered a haunting prediction for the Republican party in the 2018 midterm elections during an interview with Fox News on Sunday afternoon. The analyst said Democrats have a shot at flipping both houses in 2018, saying “the Republicans are in deep trouble in the House and the Senate as well.”

“If the election were held today, frankly, I think Republicans would lose both,” he added.

Democrats would need to overcome the Republicans 51-49 majority in the Senate and flip a total of 23 seats in the House in order to take over power in Congress. Polling indicates Democrats hold a near 10-point advantage in some races, though the election still remains several months away.

If President Donald Trump is going to help his party maintain a hold of both houses, he’ll need to refine his strategy in speaking out against Congressional issues, Luntz said Sunday.

“If Donald Trump wants to keep a Republican Congress, he has to differentiate when he’s attacking Congress in general versus the Republicans in Congress,” he said. “Differentiate when he’s attacking the press versus when he feels he’s not getting a fair shake.”

He added that the president’s tweets are “causing so much of the trouble,” saying Trump should instead be focused on the “economy and on taxes.”

Watch a clip of the exchange above, via Fox News.

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